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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Uncommon Service

Recently we visited my folks in New Hampshire and were taken out to lunch; we had a great meal at The Common Man in Merrimack, New Hampshire. The food was good, the atmosphere was relaxed (just right for us: a mixture of elderly, middle-aged to young and vigorous party of 6) and let me tell you about the service (particularly when it came time for the dessert)!

When they asked if we wanted dessert, I asked what kinds, etc. When they said “strawberry shortcake”, I said “with real strawberries?” They said yes, but that they were in a sweet syrupy soup, so I asked if they could drain the swamp and just give me the strawberries. The waitress actually did just that! And it was delicious. That's what I call service! Thanks, Lauren, you deserve a raise.


Blogger Dan Sigler said...

didn't work


I think I might have found my old Naples, Italy friend who gave me my favorite album, which I am currently listening to. Bill Evans with Symphony. Could that be you?
Dan Sigler
seeing this picture, I know you are my old friend. I could never forget that smile, (that was not a gay thing)

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